What to do, what to do.

Recently the market has been dented and a few of the stocks that I like have been down. I have been tempted, on numerous occasions, to make some buys. But, with the exception of $uri, I haven’t done much. Last week I sold the $aapl and $goog I’d had for several years.

I wanted the cash because it seems from the stream of people that know what they’re doing like a) things could get worse (with some false starts / hope mixes in) and b) both stocks seemed stalled or worse. I want the Apple stock back, and I’ve been following both @traderflorida and @howardlindzon on it. Both seem to have a really good feel for it. I think Apple is an incredible company, and I only sold because there may be better trading opportunities coming up. I’d purchased it years ago at $141, so I made out well, by luck.

Google is something I use every single day. I am just not sure it is still a great company, and I think twitter and yelp and all sorts of social companies are going to hurt their search business. Honestly, with the exception of android every new product they’ve come our with for years has been terrible. Google + is actually very well done, but it seems that almost nobody cares. It used to be that I was so impressed the search was so accurate to what I wanted. Increasingly, that is less true. Still my first stop normally, but frequently annoying because of the spam SEO sites out there. They need to figure that out. Plus, they don’t seem to realize that they are supposed to be a ma
ture company. Everything they put out seems to be on the Eric Ries plan of constant innovaton - get it out there even if it’s not perfect and iterate. I think that strategy makes tons of sense for 99% of the companies in the world. But google puts out crap: everything from buzz to calendar is / was less than it could or should be. Anyway, when you combine the idea that their main product isn’t what it use to be with the idea that their new ones aren’t good … I just don’t see a good story. Again, I use the company constantly and I hope they kill it. I like what I think they stand for. But they need to put out new stuff that works. So I am done with them as a stock for now.

$uri is one that I may buy more of. I like it because it ties in well to what I think will be a recovering real estate economy. It’s on the Stocktwits50. It seems discounted. I just wonder why it sold off so much recently. It also concerns me that back in 2007ish the stock was around $35. That is when their biz should have been cranking. That may be a little too shallow of an observation, but it gives me pause since its at $36 today.

Still learning from the stream and love the knowledge.

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